Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Recipe's Collection

Welcome to our Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts Recipe Collection! The heat of summer is upon us and having fun Ice Cream Recipes along with recipes using Ice Cream and other cool treats is a must!
We are gathering the best recipes around from the best bloggers to inspire us!

Summer Dessert Ideas

With Ice cream should come a great Hot Fudge sauce! I think I could live by hot fudge alone! just kidding! I love making it homemade though, so I can control the sugar! Here is my favorite thick 
Also I make my own chocolate syrup, like the kind you can squirt over ice cream or in milk to make chocolate milk. It's super easy, and again, you can control the sugar an ingredients! 

 Now.. Let's get on with the Ice Cream Party!!!

Feel free to link up Ice Cream Recipes for making homemade ice cream, as well as desserts that use Ice cream. Summer cool treats and desserts such as popsicles , frozen pies, and cakes are all invited to the Party!

Here's your hosts for the month:
and Me!


  1. I need to try your chocolate syrup! Yum!

  2. So many recipes, so little time! Everything looks amazing!


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