DIY Minion or Emoji Halloween Costumes

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Need a last minute Halloween Costume, or want something fun but don't want to spend a fortune? Making either a Minion or Emoji Halloween Shirt for a Costume couldn't be easier or inexpensive!

For Dollar Tree Store you can either shop online or your local store to make these cute shirts. They have the shirts, and all the supplies you need to pull these off.  Total Cost per shirt,  if you buy all the supplies on the  list including the t-shirt  (and don't have any of them at home already to use) $4.00

Now.. I decided to use double stick tape so these shirts would not be permanent ones, but could be taken apart and be a regular shirt again afterwards. You can use a hot glue gun though to secure these down a bit more securely. However, these shirts would still not be something you would launder afterwards, but will hold up to a day at work, or school, and an evening of trick or treating. Isn't that what most of us need?

For the Emoji shirt, you can design any kind of emoji face you'd like there are so many options! The googly eyes are perfect for designing a smiley face, a winky face, and so much more. I chose to make one with hearts for eyes. Use your imagination and design anything you'd like!

Supplies to Purchase from Dollar Tree:

Other Supplies: 

  • Scissors
  • Pencil


For Heart Emoji Shirt: 

Directions for Emoji Shirt: 
  1. To cut out 2 matching hearts: use 1 sheet of pink construction paper: Fold paper in half from top to bottom, now turn the paper 90 degrees and fold the paper in half  again.
  2. Using the scissors, cut a half heart shape out along the fold line.
  3. Open the heart shape up, and it will be 2 matching hearts.
  4. Cut out a half circle mouth shape from a black piece of  construction paper.
  5. Cut out a Tongue shape from a red piece of construction paper.
  6. Use double stick all over the back of the heart pieces to put in place on the front of the shirt for the eyes.
  7. Repeat process for the mouth piece.
  8. Place tape on back side of tongue piece and place in the center bottom area of the mouth so it hangs below it like the tongue is sticking out. 
  9. Press down firmly on all pieces and make sure secure in all areas. tape down any areas needing more tape. 
For Minion Shirt:

Directions for Minion Shirt: 
  1. Tape down the googly eyes onto shirt, by placing double stick tape all over the back of each eye and pressing down firmly onto shirt.
  2. To create goggles for the eyes: On a sheet of blue construction paper, using a pencil, trace around the outside edge of the eyes, make 2 circles. 
  3. Using the scissors, poke the scissors into the center of one of the circles,. Cut over toward one edge and cut 1/4" from the edge around  to create a ring. Repeat with the other circle.  These should each fit over one eyeball just around the edge, creating a "frame" .
  4. Using double stick tape and tape one blue ring around each eyeball. 
  5. Cut out 2 1 inch wide strips from black construction paper. These will form the "straps" for the goggles". cut each to length, to run from one side of each eyeball to the edge of the shirt under each arm. Tape down with double stick tape, tucking one end, underneath the googly eye and the other end should end along the side seam of the shirt somewhere under the arm area.
  6. Repeat on other side. 
  7. Cut out a small smile strip from black construction paper. Tape down on to shirt.
  8. Cut out small strips approximate 1/2 " long (maybe 5 of them) from black construction paper for little hair pieces. Tape down just under the neckline of the shirt at various angles.

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