Monthly Meal Planner October 18

Meal Planner Ideas

October means cool weather and meals need to be warm and comforting. So this months meal planner is full of just that. Meals that will be comforting .

Classic Cabbage rolls, but in a casserole form, and made in the crockpot!

A warm, comforting, potato soup, that you can pull together from your pantry in mere mintues!

My grandmothers recipe, a classic dish that will make your entire family happy.

Chicken and Stuffing Casserole
a bit of Thanksgiving dinner all in a casserole! 

These freezer to heat and eat potatoes are a perfect side dish! This recipe gives you 4 different versions to make/

This Mousse is perfect for so many desserts: for  whoopie pie sandwich fillings, frostings for spice cupcakes, or a layered trifle with gingersnaps and whip cream.,or in individual dessert cups! Just make it and get creative!

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