Cupcake and Cake Recipe Collection : Celebrate 365 Blog Party

Let's face it we all need a new idea for a great cake or cupcakes more than a few times a year! We are gathering together a collection of the best cupcake and cake recipes. Keeping a stash of great recipes on hand to go to the next time you need to bring something along to a party, potluck, or make treats to take along is a must have. 
Cupcake and Cake Ideas

One of my favorite "gifts" to give for coworkers birthdays or a holiday gift which is inexpensive but fun, is to make them my Mug Cake Master Mix and tuck it in a gift basket with a cute mug, and a few toppings like a little baggie of chocolate chips and maybe a squirty bottle of whipped cream and/ or chocolate sauce (yep I make that too) 
The cake mix is easy to make, inexpensive and delish! Just add a tag with directions for a gift from the kitchen for just pennies a gift! (unless you make a whole basket like I do!)
How to make a mug cake

What are your favorite cake or cupcake recipes? Do you have new ones that are fun and creative? 
Do you have ones that have been handed down from grandmothers to granddaughters and are cherished, tried and true?
I bet we all have a little of both!

Come on over and share your favorite recipes with us! New ones or tried and true! 
Do you have a fun way to decorate them or serve them? Please share!
All Cupcake and Cake Inspirations are welcome!

Your hosts today are:
and Me!


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we love our bloggers and hope you'll come back and party with us again!
Now.. onto this party;

Feel free to share any posts that go along with our theme of cakes and cupcakes:


  1. Thank you for this round up!! So many gorgeous cakes and cupcakes!

  2. I'm checking out your Master Mug Cake Mix now!


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