Gifts From the Kitchen Recipes: #Celebrate365 Blog Party

Homemade gifts from the kitchen are not only easy and economical to make, they are always a welcomed, and useful gift!  There are so many creative ways to make up gifts in your kitchen!
From food, seasonings, mixes, and even bath scrubs and salts, the sky is the limit on what you can gift!

Just use your creativity and turn something ordinary into a lovely gift! Here are a few of the ones I have done in the past.

Gift Ideas: 
Basket Gifts:
These spoons are filled with a homemade honey lemon toffee that hardens onto the spoon. Just like those chocolate dipped spoons for hot cocoa, people give for gifting, these spoons are perfect for a 
tea lover! I use real spoons for these. So dollar stores have them or better yet, some vintage spoons from a thrift store. I dipped my handles in paint to make them prettier. Perfect to tuck in a basket with teas! 
Gifts From the Kitchen Recipes

Gift Mixes:
This is one of my most popular mixes! I kept the recipe secret for years, giving jars away as gifts and letting the receivers bring the jars back for refills! They ALWAYS did! Now you can make your own! This is not just for garlic bread! It's great for nearly everything! (believe me I've been told by everybody!) Perfect to give in a cute jar by itself or in a basket with a loaf of bread.

Gifts From the Kitchen Recipes

Pampering Gifts:

What could be a better gift of pampering than to make some homemade gifts right from the kitchen yourself for just pennies? I've got some great sugar scrubs, homemade lotions, as well as this easy and fun Bath tub tea bags to soothe away the  aches and pains of the day and soothe the skin! Grab a coffee Filter, some oatmeal, some lavender (I got mine at a whole foods store) and let me show you how to fold up some tea bags to hang under the bath tub faucet or toss into the tub!
Perfect for making into a gift basket!

Gifts From the Kitchen Recipes


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  1. Jan, thank you for hosting. I enjoy giving and receiving homemade gifts from the kitchen any time of year. And older people especially always appreciate gifts that can be used up rather than some "thing" to add to or create clutter.


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