Pasta Recipe Ideas: Celebrate 365 Blog Party

March is national Pasta/ Noodle month, and what better way to celebrate such a versatile food, then to collect pasta recipes from the best bloggers around! From main dishes, to side dishes and soups, the sky's the limit on possibilities!

What is your favorite go to pasta shape to keep in the pantry? penne , elbow, shells? I usually have spaghetti, elbows, penne and bowtie hanging around. and lasagna is always sitting around back in the corner too. Can you have too many types of pasta?

Pasta just seems to be that comfort food everyone loves. from macaroni and cheese, to baked ziti , lasagna's and comforting pasta salads, we just turn to pasta for a universal comfort food over and over. What is your go to comfort food pasta recipe?

come on and join the party, any pasta recipe is welcome! Main dish, side dish, soups and more!
Anything that celebrates National Pasta Month by using pasta in the recipe is fair game!

Your hosts today are:
and Me!

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we love our bloggers and hope you'll come back and party with us again!
Now.. onto this party:


  1. So many great recipes! We just love pasta; of all shapes and sizes.

  2. Jan, thank you for hosting. I linked my homemade handmade pasta tutorial. I *love* it, and it's quite fun.


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