10 Inspiring Spring Salads

With Spring comes a craving for healthy crunchy fresh salads of all kinds! Here is a collection of the best new spring salad recipes to inspire! From Main Dishes, to side dishes, pasta salads, to fruit salads, we never get tired of having new recipes on hand to add to our menus.

Salad Recipes

by  Jolene's Recipe Journal
(love her citrus & honey dressing over this peppers & asparagus salad) 

by Simple & Savory
(Her Maple- oil & vinegar dressing.. divine)

by Cooking with Carlee
(Not your average taco salad! Love her ingredients + her homemade catalina dressing!) 

by The Baking Fairy
(This just screams Summer! Perfect for potlucks!)

by 4 Son's "R" Us
(I love the Asiago Cheese surprise ingredient in this!)

by Caroline's Cooking
(Oh mylanta.. this is seriously addictive! and perfect potluck material!)

By Palatable Pastime
(Seriously.. Potatoes, Bacon & Vidalia Dressing? Yes, please!)

By Crumb Top Baking
(Um..Where has this been all my life? It's almost too pretty to eat!)

by Blogghetti 

(Perfect potluck for any kind of "diet". My husband has 5 coworkers on Keto, 1 WW, and 2 Paleo's. This is a go to everytime) 

by Savory Moments
(love this new fruit salad idea using grapes! Perfect for weeknight dinners or take alongs!)

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