How to Roast a Pork Roast in Ninja XL Foodie Air Fryer

 Roasting a Pork Roast in a air fryer is not only fast and easy, it is crispy outside, juicy inside perfection!

Air Fryer Pork Roast

My husband got a Ninja Foodie XL air fryer from Mrs. Claus for the holidays, we have slowly been playing with it, learning how to use all it's features. 

 We are not a paid sponsor and are not receiving anything for this post, I am just sharing the name of the air fryer with you, if it helps you in working with your own air fryer at home. 

This weekend we are having a historic ice storm here in Virginia, so to hunker down, I put on a pot of homemade Ham , Potato and Bean  soup for today , that can be reheated on the grill if we lose power. Dear  hubby, roasted a pork roast in the Ninja for a meal tomorrow, that also can be sliced, and heated in a skillet on the grill outside along side some cauliflower rice and  veggie stuffing. Here's hoping we keep our power!

I cannot express enough how juicy and moist this pork is! I know pork has a tendency to dry out, but this is crispy outside just enough and boy did it seal in the juicy flavor! 

Printable Recipe

Jan’s Tips: 

We used my homemade onion soup mix to sprinkle on top of the roast for flavor.     

There is an endless way to season or sauce it is available!

We chose to roast it at 290 ° and Medium Well setting. A bit of a low and slow method.             Choose the temp and doneness that works for you. Ours took less than 30 minutes total.


  1. Season or Sauce pork Roast as desired, set aside. 

  2. Turn on Ninja 

  3. Choose Roast function

  4. Choose if want to use the preset 350 ° temp setting, or lower or raise it. adust as desired.

  5. Choose "Preset" button 

  6. use arrows on right hand side to choose Pork

  7. use arrows on left hand side to choose level of doneness. (rare, medium, Medium well, well ) 

  8. Hit start button

  9. once add food indicator goes off, insert temperature probe into meat and place in air fryer basket 

  10. close lid , cooking will begin.

  11. Time is decided by your choices of temperature and doneness level.

  12. Turn off your ninja when done, and let it sit for 15 minutes or so before slicing.

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