Crispy Air Fryer Chicken in a Ninja Foodie XL

 Making crispy "fried" chicken in an air fryer is easy, quick & makes super juicy chicken! Perfect way to make homemade fried chicken without all the oil!

How to make air fried chicken

My husband got a Ninja Foodie XL for Christmas, he is playing around with it and I am enjoying all the efforts!  We are not a paid sponsor  for Ninja, it happens to be the product Mrs Claus gifted him , and is the brand we are using. Please adapt directions to fit your own air fryer. 

Here's how it did it: First of all, his seasoning recipe can be adapted to any seasonings you want or have on hand. Today he added in my famous Garlic Parrmesan seasoning. But we also love a good  BBQ Dry rub  among many others! So feel free to just play around with what you add in.

we cooked bone in, skin on chicken thighs today that we got on sale at the store, but any kind of chicken pieces you have works just fine, and the air fryer method makes it oh so tender and juicy on the inside with a lovely crispy outside! 

Jan's Tips: Baking Powder and Corn Starch are the key secret ingredients here! Baking powder in your batter for "frying" creates tiny little bubbles when cooking, and that breaks up the batter, making it lighter and crispier.   Corn Starch is preferred over flour and is used most often in asian fried chicken, it makes THE crispiest chicken! 

Healthier:  No flour in the batter, and you control the salt and seasonings, did I mention no oil is used? you won't miss it! 


Air Fryer Chicken:


4-6 Chicken thighs or any chicken pieces you desire.

3 Tablespoons each: Baking Powder & Corn Starch

1/4 cup Desired seasoning mix : (We used garlic parmesan ) 

  1. Turn on Ninja 

  2. Choose Air Crisp function

  3. Choose if want to use the preset 390 ° temp setting, or lower or raise it. adjust as desired.

  4. Choose "Preset" button 

    1. use arrows on right hand side to choose Chicken

    2. For preset temperature mode: use arrows on left hand side to choose level of doneness

    3. Or choose manual temperature mode and using left hand arrows, choose 165 degrees (We chose this setting)

  5. Hit start button to begin preheating oven.

  6. While preheating, in pie pan or bowl mix together baking powder, corn starch and desired seasonings,

  7. Rinse Chicken with water and dredge both sides of each piece through seasoning coating.

  8. Once add food indicator goes off, add food to grill,

  9. Insert temperature probe into 1 piece of meat set desired temperature setting

  10. close lid , cooking will begin.

  11. Time is decided by your choices of temperature and doneness level.

  12. Turn off your ninja when done, and let it sit for 15 minutes or so before serving.

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