Grinch Fruit Kabobs

This fun holiday treat is fun for all ages! Perfect healthier treat options for the holidays, that any age will enjoy. fruit kabobs to look like the grinch will be instantly recognized and enjoyed at any gathering.

Grinch Treats

I did not create this idea, I found it on a facebook group I follow about living a cozy , "hygge" life. (don't you love when you fall into a place where everyone is nice and supportive?)

I made these little fruit kabobs for my grandchildren whille they were down here for a day during the holidays. We put on the "original" The Grinch Stole Christmas movie, piled blankets and every pillow in the house on the flour for a snuggly good time. 

I made grnich cocoa bombs that my niece made for me , into fun cups of Grinchy cocoa, in grinch cups I found at a craft store. 

and I made them these fruit kabobs for snacks. Let's just say.. these snacks stole the show ! They couldn't get enough of them!  

Grinch treats

They would be perfect to take to holiday party or work gathering, or as a "work gift" for the crew placed into the break room.

Jan's Tips: 

the skewers i used where a bit to wide, and it would split the banana slices. (the kids didnt' mind , but I did)  and regular toothpicks use the entire picks, without being able to use a bit of it as a "handle" . you do want to find, toothpick's that are longer.. so like a small hors d'oeuvre picks. 

Smaller to medium strawberries are best. the larger ones are harder to eat off the skewers, adn don't look right with the scale of  the other fruits.

If not eating right away, I would spritz some lemon juice on the banana slices to decrease browning. 

Lets get cooking!


Grinch Fruit Kabobs


1 pack of long hors d'oeuvres skewers.

1 bag small mini marshmallows

1 bag green seedless grapes

1 package of fresh ripe, small - medium sized strawberries

1-2 ripe or slightly under ripe marshmallows.

Optional 2 tablespoons lemon juice


Slice the top plus about ¼ inch of strawberry off the top of the berry.

Rinse and destem grapes.

Slice a banana into ¼ inch slices. Dunk in lemon juice if not serving right away.

To assemble: 

Feed a skewer through the end of a grape, ,sliding grape down skewer about half way.

Feed skewer through a slice of banana till it rest on top  of the grape.

Feed skewer through cut side of strawberry till the cut end of strawberry rests on banana (pointy end up!)

Feed mini marshmallow onto skewer till it rests on top of the pointy end of strawberry.

Con’t with add’ls skewers till desired amount of kabobs are done.

Serve immediately or store in covered container in fridge till serving.

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